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Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG/Autogas)

Garatge Asturiol offers you the possibility of installing LPG on your car. LPG will help you save fuel and reduce pollution (see Wikipedia)

What is LPG?

LPG is an alternative fuel to gasoline that is another sideproduct of petroleum. LPG is widespread in Europe as it is much less polluting and its cost is of about 0.73eur/l.

What cars can work with LPG?

All gasoline cars produced from year 2000 (inclusive) onwards or any car that complies with Euro3 legislation.

How to install it?

The process is complex and needs expertise. Garatge Asturiol will do it for you as we are certified installators.

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Does it imply major modifications?

No. A LPG tank is placed in the spare wheel space and you would not notice any other difference. Trunk space will remain the same and the car will essentially be the same but you will be able to choose what fuel to use, i.e. LPG or gasoline.

Is it dangerous? can it explote?

No. LPG tanks are safe and have passed the most strict safety controls. LPG tanks are designed to resist car crashes, fire, and other adversities as well as ageing.

LPG safety test

Will my car use gasoline?

Yes. The car will work as before with gasoline. The only difference is that you will be able to switch to LPG by just pressing a button that will be installed in your cockpit.

Will my car have the same power?

Yes. The car will behave as if it was using gasoline. You will not notice the difference, only on the fuel bill.

Where can I fill my tank with LPG?

LPG can be found in many gas stations. The only difference is that the hoose is different from the others so as to differentiate them. Most gas stations have LPG. You can find your closest selling point here.

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